Key to Math (EM) 7th

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All the facilities and comforts are the reward of science. It is the wonder of science that man has explored from the depth of ocean to far space. With the passage of time, he is advancing more and more to discover the universe. Kiran Mathematics (Sub+Obj) is deeply interlinked with new syllabus as well as students mental and creative abilities. This book will not only be proved helpful for the students for the preparation of their exams but it will also be proved a guide in their common life. While writing Kiran Mathematics (Sub.+Obj) the following points have been kept in view:

Key Features

The Kiran key to Mathematics (subject + Objective) Class 7th book in your hand is an effort to make this subject simple and easy. The salient features of this book are:
(i) This book not only helps the students in exams but also in solution of mathematical problems in everyday life after exams.
(ii) Diagram,figures and illustrations have been given to make the concepts more clearer.
(iii) This book is topic wise and every topic has been explained in a simple manner.
(iv)Each topic has been given special importance. Each topic is provided with short questions answers and multiple choice questions, which will enable the students to have more grasp and command on the topic.
(v) At the end of each chapter, exercises, summaries, important points and objective questions have been given.
(vi)Kiran publications has the services of well educated and well experienced educationists and subject specialists.

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